Impact of Budgeting and Budgetary Controls on the Accountability of Government Parastatals

Umar Abbas Ibrahim


The drive of this research work is to tackle the issue on the Impact of budgeting on the accountability of government parastatals in Abuja Federal Housing Development Authority. It emphasizes on the helpfulness of budgeting and budgeting controls in government accountability. The focal problem is the incapability of organizations to draw out plan and accomplish goals, which can be outlined to their inability to apply controls and accountability in the budgeting system. The researcher uses both primary and secondary data but dependence was placed more on primary data because of its relative factual nature. They include personal observation, interviews, questionnaire, about 52 personnel of the organization were interviewed and their responses analyzed by simple percentage. The major findings reveal that there is a great degree of relationship between budgetary implementation and their actual performance. This lack or no implementation of the budget hinders the achievement of the organizational goal. Budgetary control also as a management tool which contributes to efficiency and effectiveness of management productivity. The researcher based on these findings proposes many recommendations. Which include educating the other levels of management on the importance of following strictly on the provisions of the budgets and implement it as such. The organization should adopt technique that is easy to implement which include flexible and zero based budgeting techniques. The researcher concluded that when budget are effectively implemented at all levels, it will become an essential standard in ensuring actual performance.


Budgeting; budgetary control; accountability; government

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