Effect of Social Media on Employees Performance in Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Nigeria

MURAT Akyuz, Christy Twaliwi ZWINGINA, Isaac Michael OPUSUNJU


The study examined the effect of social media on employees’ performance among SMEs in North Central Nigeria. The study adopted survey research design. The population of the study includes all the SMEs registered in North Central Zone which is made of six states and Abuja making it a total of seven states. The sample size of this study was 384. The questionnaire was administered by determining the proportion of the sample size by the population of the study. The study used regression and correlation as well as mean in analysing the data with the aid of SPSS, 25.00. The study also used reliability test to ascertain that the instrument used are reliable. The study found that there is a positive association between employees commitment among SMEs in North Central Nigeria and facebook. Also, there is a positive association between employees commitment among SMEs in North Central Nigeria and youtube and there is positive association between employees commitment among SMEs in North Central Nigeria and twitter. The study also found that facebbok is significant in enhancing employees performance in terms of employees commitment in North Central Zone, Nigeria while Youtube and twitter are insignificant in enhancing employees commitment in SMEs, North Central Nigeria. The study also concluded that there is insignificant relationship between social media and employees performance among SMEs in North Central Nigeria. The study suggested that SMEs in North Central Zone, Nigeria should try to use facebook principles in communicating their business since employees who use facebook are committed to their work. The study also suggested that youtube and twitter should be carefully monitor in order to ensure that employees who use them are committed to work since there is insignificant relationship between the variables to employees performance.


Social Media; Facebook; Twitter; Youtube; Employees Performance and Employees Commitment

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.20321/nilejbe.v4i10.168


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